A plan to grow organic vegetables with equipment seized by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency won a group of Sentinel High School students the top prize for Imagine Tomorrow, a regional problem-solving competition.

The students worked on their own time to figure out how to make lunch at school more healthy and sustainable, and they realized medical marijuana growing equipment, seized last year by the feds, could be put to use growing local, organic vegetables.

"We just had to call up the Drug Enforcement Agency and ask them if they had hydroponic systems,? said sophomore Jackson Smith. ?Being the DEA, you'd expect them to be pretty secretive and covert, but they weren't. They were just like, 'We have a whole bunch of this, and what can we do to work with you?'"

The group hopes to meet next week with government officials to discuss their options with the equipment.

For more information, go to their Facebook page here.