NBC Montana told you last night that a Flathead High School student wore a t-shirt with a "Legalize Gay" slogan on it and was allegedly told to remove the shirt or leave school. On Wednesday morning, the student met with high school administrators to discuss the incident. School officials claim the student was never told to remove the shirt.

Now the school is abuzz after one student organized a "T-Shirts for Tinker" protest yesterday, named after the famous Supreme Court decision that granted free speech for students on campus. Friends of the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, wore similar shirts yesterday all in support of what happened last week.

Students we spoke with say they're using what they learned in history class and are applying it to a real life situation.

"Just because it was a controversial issue didn't give any legal right to the school to ask her to take off the shirt," said "Tinker" organizer and student Barrie Sugarman, "I had taken government last semester and I knew from the court precedence of 'Tinker v. Des Moines' that the student had the constitutional right for freedom of speech and expression."

The Montana ACLU also heard about the incident and said they were proud of the students for standing up for their First Amendment rights.

"If you look at the protest they carried on yesterday, no disruptions, it shows that these students are more than capable of engaging in a thoughtful, civil exchange of ideas," said Public Policy Director Niki Zupanic, "That's what a school district should be promoting. The ability of our students to have these thoughtful discussions with each other."

The school district says they would only ask a student to remove clothing if and only if it disrupted the learning environment and say this situation was taken way out of context.