BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Goodwill officials say folks crowded their store for opening day.

You were lucky to find parking at the new Goodwill store, located on Simmental Way, on Bozeman's north side.

Officials say around 300 people were there when they first opened their doors and say they counted a total of 500 within the first hour.

Representatives say they've been wanting to open a goodwill in Bozeman for many years and are overwhelmed by the community support.

"We've received 95,000 pounds of donations before we opened our doors. That's amazing and that's what makes the bargains so good so, we're really excited about all of those donations and we just want to keep them coming because that's what makes the good, affordable clothing for everybody that comes in and shops and then supports our services that we do," says President and CEO of Easter Seal Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Michelle Belknap.

Belknap says they already have autism support services in Bozeman and are glad to be able to add a store to further fund their programs.