MISSOULA , Mont. -

A student at Sentinel High School in Missoula has whooping cough. It's the first reported case in Missoula since January.

Sentinel's report comes on the heels of an outbreak in Ravalli County. It's left 34 confirmed cases.

The state lab tested 34 Ravalli County samples Thursday. They all turned up negative. But they have five more to test Friday. Those results could be ready as soon as Friday morning.

The Missoula Health Department said the Sentinel student received treatment and is no longer contagious.

Rebecca Cole and her mom were picking up Rebecca's son, Caleb, from Sentinel late Thursday afternoon. NBC Montana told them about the latest case.

Rebecca said she's not surprised. Since Ravalli County's outbreak, she's been preparing.

"We're taking precautions in our family," said Cole. "My husband and "I don't have insurance. So we're taking emergency vitamins and we've been taking lots of Vitamin C."

Caleb is immunized. All children and adults who aren't current in their pertussis vaccinations are urged to get immunized. The Missoula Health Department will contact directly the parents of kids who may have been exposed in this case.