BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Montana State University students from the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields had an opportunity to present their research Friday as part of the Space Grant Consortium.

"The Montana Space Grant Consortium is a consortium of all of the institutions of higher education in Montana and today is an opportunity for the students doing research in science, technology, engineering and math associated with our program to come together and tell each other what they're doing," said Angela Des Jardins, the Director of Montana Space Grant Consortium.

MSU has partnered with NASA to receive grants for research.

"The basic philosophy that we're trying to share is that if you don't share with the public the research that you're doing you might as well not have done it and for students this is often the first chance they have to actually give a presentation, either a talk or a presentation," Des Jardins said.

Recently students from the university built a research satellite that NASA launched into orbit.

"We're really the number one university in the entire country as far as students building and launching satellites into space. There's been two NASA opportunities ever to do cube-sat launches and we had satellites on both of them and so that puts us in the number one position," said Des Jardins.

Friday, students got to present their findings on a variety of science and technology topics.

"Ranging from Montana's first satellite which was launched on October 28th, 2011. So we have students who are continually monitoring and getting data from the satellite. Down to bird dynamics on how exactly their wings work in order to do flight," Des Jardins said.