The Flathead Democratic Party is auctioning off a shadowbox to remember Governor Schweitzer's veto of several proposed state laws last spring.

The event occurred a year ago on the steps of the capitol - Schweitzer fired up his very own "VETO" brand to reject bills and sent them up in flames. The Flathead Democrats have placed the shadowbox, which features a newspaper article, a branding, and paw-print of Montana's first dog, Jag, on EBay and opened the bidding Tuesday.

"We want to thank Governor Schweitzer for what he did a year ago or these bills would laws in the state of Montana," said Alex Hilton of the Flathead Democratic Party, "So yes, we made this art piece for the one lucky high bidder that wants to have it in his home or office to remember the event."

The money collected from the auction will go back to the FDP, who say they hope to use the money to back local Democrats.