BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A group dedicated to researching what school calendar would best benefit students and the community has been put on hold until the fall.

The school calendar task force is made up of about forty-five people in the community, ranging from teachers and students to business owners.

"The task force, which is forty-five community members, you know, wide variety, parts of the community, who have committed about twelve hours worth of their time over this entire school year to taking a look at how a school calendar might positively affect student achievement. I mean, that's what the goal of the task force is," said Bozeman Schools Superintendent Kirk Miller.

But with the search for a new school superintendent and a new elementary school on the ballot, administrators didn't think they could give enough time to the task force.

"It's mid-April right now, and we've added some complications at the end of the school year here that's really taking a lot of administrative time. And so we've decided to defer the work and have informed the task force and requested input from them to defer the work for the remained of the year until the beginning of next year," Miller said.

Miller said rather than hastily put something together amongst the task force, the postponement until the fall will allow them to give full attention to the committee.

"We know that the work of the school calendar task force is very important to our school district and will have an affect on student achievement, and wouldn't want to rush through that or not give it the due time that it should be given. And so it's something that we intend to pull back together at the beginning of the school year next year," he said.

Miller says much of the task force has broken down into six sub-committees who may continue their research over the summer.