LOLO, Mont. -

UPDATE: Missoula Sheriff's deputies say they've arrested a 16-year-old boy for holding a gas station attendant at gun point Saturday, and that they made the arrest with the help of his mom.

A Lolo gas station attendant got quite a scare early Saturday morning when she was robbed at gun point by a man wearing a mask straight out of the movie "Scream."

Security images of the robbery from inside the Lolo Town Pump show a masked figure wielding a hand gun.

Missoula sheriff's deputies say the man entered the gas station, threatened the attendant, and demanded money from the cash register. The man reportedly stashed the money in a back pack and fled on foot.

He?s described as being around 5?10? tall, weighing approximately 130 pounds, and wearing a black sweatshirt and yellow gloves.

The attendant told deputies he appeared to be younger, but had a gravelly voice and was carrying a black, semi automatic pistol.

"This is a big deal,? said Detective David Walrod. ?Somebody pulls a gun on somebody and robs them at gunpoint, that?s a big thing. That's nothing we joke about or make fun of."

Deputies are still searching for the suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at (406) 721-4444 or the Missoula County Sheriff's department at (406) 258-4810.