NBC Montana has showed you the snow plowing efforts on the west side of Glacier National Park, but what's going on over on the east side? The road crew was busy Thursday morning plowing the Siyeh Bend.

Park Deputy Superintendent Kym Hall says the crew is doing a great job so far, "I couldn't be prouder of our staff. Slow and steady, these guys are top notch."

We also spoke with road supervisor Stan Stahr, who applied for a plowing job in 1993 and had no idea what the position entailed - "It was just something to do, a hobby," he explained.

But on his first day he thought "Oh, what am I doing here!" He laughed, "Especially when you're a watch person you know it's very stressful, very strenuous because you're watching for something to happen."

The road crew has to look out for dangerous avalanche chutes that line the Sun Road.

"This (points to chute) is a big time chute," explained Hall, "In fact, they just had a huge cornice of snow fall off yesterday and they backed our guys out of there. We definitely don't want them in harms way if we can help it."

She says precautions are also to protect visitors.

"If you put them up too soon, you're going to have people trapped up top from an avalanche that comes down behind them," Hall said, "It's a fine line, we won't put people up in harms way."

Park officials say the west side and east side crews plan to meet at Logan Pass, where they will clean up the visitors center for an eventual opening day.