Clarence Grande says he was backing out of his driveway when he saw a wolf come around the corner. He called his son, Brian, to let him know, but Brian didn?t believe it at first, until he saw the wolf with his own eyes.

?He said ?It is a wolf. It just went right in front of me,?? said Grande. Clarence kept following it, and whipped out his camera phone. He says in one clip, the wolf can be seen trying to jump through a window.

?You can see the size of the thing when it?s stretched out like that because it was a very high window,? said Grande.

At one point, the wolf headed to Kalispell Middle School?s football field.

According to Saturday?s 911 call logs, the wolf showed up around Kalispell Regional Medical Center, and along the County Fairgrounds as well.

Peyton Powell lives right by the football field.

?Me and my friends were playing out there and we saw a paw print that was pretty big,? said Powell

The sighting has his family a little spooked.

?I hope they get him, catch him or something here pretty quick,? said Kalispell Resident Julie Clark. ?That would be nice. It would make everyone in the neighborhood feel better.?

Wildlife officials say the wolf may just be wandering through, or breaking from its pack, and that non-breeding wolves can sometimes travel as far as 400 miles from their pack in search of a new habitat.

?It appeared to just be moving through,? said FWP spokesman John Fraley. ?It did not appear to be a safety issue although our guys were out there. Our biologists were out there, and if they would have seen it be close to humans and look threatening in any way, they would have taken it out.?

Wildlife officials say the last call about a wolf came in Sunday morning in the same general area, but they were just able to find coyote tracks when they showed up. Now many residents are left wondering just where the wolf ran off to, and if it?s gone for good.