One woman is helping educate the public how to protect children from predators.

Dr. Betty Kuffel, author and former doctor at North Valley Hospital put on a presentation at the Whitefish Community Center Wednesday afternoon. Kuffel talks about predators because of her extensive experience with victims and offenders in the emergency room as well as her book about Nathanael Bar-Jonah.

She wrote "Eyes of a Pedophile," documenting Bar-Jonah's 1999 conviction of molesting and torturing three young boys in Great Falls. Police suspected he had also cannabalized a fourth victim, Zachary Ramsay. Though Jonah died in prison, Kuffel maintains his life just shows how difficult it is to pinpoint a predator.

"One of my purposes in doing these talks is to encourage people not only to disclose but if they see a child who is at risk they should feel very comfortable in contacting police so that a pedophile can be stopped before he harms a child," she explained.

Dr. Kuffel says there's some common behaviors shared by pedophiles:

Pedophiles groom children and earn their trust.

They often keep toys and souvenirs from children.

They're good liars - often passing polygraph tests.

Predators seek out children through professions or volunteer work.