A Missoula mother's claims that airport screeners frightened her young daughter continue to get attention on Capitol Hill.

Congressman Denny Rehberg is weighing in on an incident involving a four year old Missoula girl NBC Montana first told you about earlier this week.

A Missoula mother says airport screeners in Wichita Kansas treated her 4-year-old daughter harshly when the child ran back through security to hug her grandmother.

Rehberg says several similar cases have come to light in what appears to be a disturbing trend and suggest big changes in protocol need to be made. "... Surely there's a way to handle young children in a way that doesn't scare them half to death and make them cry... I asked them to take a close look at the protocols and to see if there was a way to keep airline passengers safe without treating them like criminals."

Rehberg also suggested the transportation safety administration establish a citizen advocate.

Earlier this week, US Senator Jon Tester wrote a letter to the TSA director, asking for more information on the incident and in a statement said, "... Any report of abuse of the power entrusted to officers of the TSA is especially concerning, especially if it involves children."

NBC Montana viewers also are weighing in. One writes, "... The TSA is useless, worthless, and the greatest threat to American freedom that we have seen since the Red Scare."

Another comments, " If you want security. stop complaining and children are not exception when it come to flight security."