BUTTE, Mont. -

House Bill No. 198, the Eminent Domain law allows private corporations to condemn private property for private financial gain.

Initiative Referendum IR-125 is trying to circulate to put a stop to the bill.

Opponents of the bill need to collect 24,337 signatures to get the referendum on the next election ballot.

Ranchers and land owners feel the bill impacts their way of life.

"Put a power line right in the middle of one of my fields they take out my fields you can no longer run a wheel line back in forth across the property. So they just eliminate a field or two. And I've been dependent on my ranching lifestyle to supplement my income and it will just totally wreck that," Butte rancher, Jack Erickson.

Land isn't the only concern on Montanan land owners minds.

Opponents of the bill have a 2002 study to that shows areas with high voltage transmission lines show an increased risk of a certain childhood disease.

"Documentation states and increased risked of childhood leukemia and as parents we're not going to put our kids through that," land owner, Jennifer Shelton said.

Shelton is joining Erickson and several other land owners and ranchers to support IR-125.

If IR-125 collects the signatures it needs by September 30th it will be on the November 2012 ballot and left up to Montana voters to decide if Bill 198 should stay or go.