The Missoula working group charged with ending homelessness will present a draft of a 10 year plan in June. "Reaching Home" was appointed by the mayor and county commissioners to end homelessness.

It's been collecting information for a year. On Monday, the group was at City Club.

Reaching Home members said Missoula doesn't want to manage homelessness. It says its charge is to get Missoula's houseless off the streets and out of shelters and into permanent housing.

"We're going to make the case that for every person who is homeless or has unstable housing that housing is part of the solution," said city council member Jason Wiener.

The group asked City Club members for suggestiions. Several people want to boost the poor fund. It's run by the county and dispersed to community based organizations.

Another idea is to match homeless families with homeowners willing to take them in and help them get on their feet. Rebecca Titus took in a homeless family. But the homeless advocate said there needs to be a system to financially supplement the homeowner with expenses.

Then there's a proposal to license landlords and put fees to work. Patty Kent of the Montana Mental Health Center said, "you'll create a fee to help with rental assistance, first and last months rent or security deposits." She said this would in the end benefit the landlord.

The working group said too many people stay in cramped hotel rooms and couch surf with friends or relatives.