BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Prospective college student-athletes got a chance to learn the ins and outs of recruiting and how best to be eligible to play the sport they want at the college they want.

The aspiring student/college athlete workshop was held at the Bozeman Public Library and attended by high schoolers and their parents.

"I just wanted to basically learn a little more about not only getting into different college and different sizes but also kind of the process. Because, I'm the oldest one, I'm the first in my family to do this, so just kind of learning the process, learning what you need to do to become a student-athlete in college," said Diego Rodoni, a junior basketball player at Bozeman High School.

Tips were given on how to deal with coaches, NCAA regulations, and how to best market yourself to be noticed by athletic departments.

"I think the main thing was I didn't really know about contacting coaches. I didn't know that you were really supposed to advertise yourself as much, that's something that was really never communicated to me. I didn't know that you should be putting together a video about yourself," Rodoni said.

A number of tips were left for the students and parents to take down that were given as a guideline on getting recruited and how to handle things as a parent.

The eight steps to getting recruited are: 1. Take the right classes. 2. Register with the NCAA. 3. Make your list. 4. Research the schools. 5. Create a video. 6. First contact. 7. Increase your game exposure. 8. The final choice.

And five tips for parents are: 1. Understand who is responsible. 2. Be proactive. 3. Don't follow the herd. 4. Be realistic. 5. Be educated.