BIGFORK, Mont. -

The banks of the Swan River, in Bigfork, can be a quiet place, but that silence was broken Tuesday by a machine moving in to make room for a contaminated soil cleanup.

?They like soil,? said Principal Engineer Jeff Tucker. ?They have a great affinity for soil, so they cling to soil very tightly.?

Tucker is referring to PCB?s, the toxic chemicals once used in cooling fluids for machinery.

?PacifCorp takes that very seriously, being a good environmental steward.?

Officials for the power company say the contamination likely came form transformers at an old historic substation.

?That?s the only place we found PCB?s, we?re assuming that that?s probably the source.?

Now PacifiCorp is footing the bill to clean the chemicals up. They?ve spent about $80,000 on research so far, and they say they could spend as much as $170,000 on the actual cleanup.

?We?re in a pristine area making it safe for everybody and the environment? said Tucker. Tucker said getting the chemicals out of the soil is crucial, because toxins could find their way into fish and other wildlife.