The United States Postal Service announced plans to close Kalispell's mail processing facility by 2013, consolidating its operations with the Missoula processing center. Both Senators Tester and Baucus slammed the decision.

Baucus calls it a small minded way to address a large scale problem. Tester says it's "unfortunate" but he will uses his Postal Reform Bill, currently in the House, to "keep the Postmaster General from closing facilities on his own."

About 20 people staff the Kalispell facility. The USPS plans to leave other processing plants in Butte, Helena, and Wolf Point. Very few people we spoke with like the plan.

One resident, Joe Ponze, says he uses the internet to pay his bills and doesn't utilize the post office for stamps. Still, he said "I don't use the post office, it doesn't affect me. But I think other people could be affected so I think it's not right to move to Missoula."

We'll keep you updated on this developing story.