POLSON, Mont. -

As a town of about five thousand residents, Polson is usually pretty quiet, but earlier this week, something happened between the walls of city hall.

?It?s sad any time that you have a conflict with one of your coworkers, it?s a kind of a tragic thing I guess,? said Polson Police Chief Wade Nash.

Nash is talking about Ronald Melvin, the city?s former building inspector. Deputies put him behind bars for allegedly making death threats against the city manager, the city attorney and another employee, after the city fired him.

The investigation would have gone to the Polson Police, but Nash handed it over to the Lake County Sheriff?s Office. He didn?t want any conflict of interest. After all, his office is not far from Ronald?s old one.

?It surprised me, he?s a jolly, happy guy,? said Nash.

Polson?s city manager hasn?t said why Melvin was let go, but we do know that he was arrested for DUI earlier this month, after an MHP trooper spotted a city truck with two flat tires, parked on the shoulder of a highway. Records state his blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit, and it turns out, he was out of town on a training trip.

?I?ve known Ron for a good many years,? said Polson resident John Hewitt. ?I?ve never known him to be having this type of an attitude.?

Hewitt says he and his wife were shocked when they heard about Melvin?s arrest. Now, with Polson missing its building inspector, and Melvin working out his legal troubles, Melvin?s old office will remain empty for now, reminding the folks at city hall that things aren?t the same anymore.