BUTTE, Mont. -

Plans for a $25million wind turbine manufacturing plant in Butte have been scrapped.

The German company called Fuhrlander planned to start manufacturing wind turbines in Butte's industrial park just south of the hub.

Officials with Butte Local Development Corporation said the plant would have brought almost one thousand jobs to the area.

Phase one of the project manufacturing the turbine itself would have brought 200 to 250 jobs.

Then phase two, manufacturing the blades for the turbines would have brought 600 to 700 jobs.

Local development officials said it's a loss, but blame the down economy.

"It just kind of slipped away, but you know that's business. Things started falling apart not because of the Fuhrlander operation but unforeseen circumstances both internationally and nationally," Butte Local Development Corp. Executive Director Jim Smitham said.

According to Smitham, the company as a part of their expansion into the U.S. Fuhrlander opened up a business office on the east coast, but were forced to close shortly after.

Smitham said regardless, the process was a learning experience for Butte.

He said Butte is an ideal location for manufacturing plants and hopes more businesses look to use the location.