"All of a sudden I heard a ?snap bang bang bang? and he came down over here."

Harry Johnson said he first saw the small, single engine plane in the sky, but then something went wrong.

"We saw a plane come in, kinda flew over the house and started crashing through trees," said witness Gary Sams.

It then crashed into the side of a Kalispell house just west of the city airport. Witnesses say they helped get the passengers out of harm's way. "I just ran over here and people needed our help so I started tearing into the side of the house pulling people out,? continued Sams.

In a press release issued this afternoon, Kalispell police say the pilot, two passengers, and a dog survived the crash. Fire Chief Dave Dedman confirmed, "Minor injuries, no fatalities."

"Everybody walked out okay. The pilot and the pilot?s daughter actually walked out through the front door of the house,? said Sams.

Above all, witnesses and bystanders were glad to see that the trio was okay. "I talked to the pilot and he said that he did everything he could and you can tell he did,? said Kim Sams, ?Everyone's alive and doing pretty good. Bumps and bruises and a few scrapes."

The homeowner was inside the house at the time of the incident, but wasn't hurt. The National Traffic Safety Board is investigating the crash.