University of Montana students may have to pass a breath test before they are allowed to join the party at the annual Foresters Ball next year.

UM President Royce Engstrom informed Foresters Ball organizers of the new requirement in a memo he emailed Thursday to the Forestry department.

The annual event is a fundraiser to provide scholarships to forestry students, but it has met criticism in recent years for reports of extensive of alcohol abuse among attendees.

Following 2012?s ball, Engstrom issued an ultimatum to the Foresters Ball Committee, responsible for planning next year?s event, requiring them to draft an extensive plan outlining how they would curb the consumption of alcohol before and during the ball.

After receiving the 30-page plan, Engstrom praised many of the changes the committee said they were willing to make, but he included four more changes they would have to include - most notably, that all attendees pass a breathalyzer test before being admitted entrance - before he signed off on the ball next year.

Foresters Ball Committee Chief Push Jonah Vaughan said he was pleased with compliments Engstom paid to their plan, but said the breathalyzer requirement is going too far.

"A lot of students were pretty upset about that,? said Vaughan. ?On my seven person committee I have one student who has been in (Alcoholics Anonymous) for two years, and he was just totally affronted by it. The fact that he would have to breathalyzer before going through the door for an event like that, just isn't sitting well for him."

Calls to Engstom?s office for a comment weren?t returned by news time.

Vaughan said he hopes to negotiate with Engstrom to find a satisfactory solution for both sides.