HAVRE, Mont. -

The Montana Board of Regents is meeting in Havre this morning.

In opening comments, board members addressed the current investigation st the UM. Major points brought up so far include focusing on this point forward to be transparent with the public.

According to regent Pat Williams, they are planning and working on giving the public full access to emails regarding this topic. Also, regents will continue to support and give whatever resources to UM throughout this process.

Regents ask UM act swiftly, thoroughly, etc. in addressing alleged assaults. They also recognize they will need to earn the trust of the people in Montana. And from now on regents wants to be clear it is important regents, campus officials, all keep in my how to conduct themselves in managing the issue.

Regents say they will be involved and continue to be involved, trusting the Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian to help take more of a role in coming to a resolution.

President Royce Engstrom updated the regents on the University's own investigation.

He says they have taken action.

Recap: They investigated 11 cases. 3 cases were dismissed. 2 victims didn't wish to report. 1 possible perpetrator fled the country. 4 cases resulted in 8 sanctions. They took action, 7 students have been sanctioned from UM. 1 sanctioned individual is in the process of appeal.