BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Occupy Wall Street will hold a nation-wide protest this week, and protesters in Bozeman plan to join the campaign with a slightly different focus.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is Occupy's target, and in Bozeman protesters will zero in on Wells Fargo.

Beginning Wednesday, Occupy Bozeman will hold a picket line, saying the bank is hurting the economy and deserves to suffer.

Occupy Bozeman organizer Kurt Dally said they chose Wells Fargo because it is one of the only national banks in Bozeman, but their message pertains to any big bank.

"It's not like we're picking on just them, but at least we were able to find out what they were doing wrong specifically" Dally said. "Then we'll take that scope and use it in other situations."

Dally and fellow organizer Ed Scheterlak said their picket will be a call to action for Montanans to switch from national to local banks.

"Part of the campaign is to encourage people to take their money out of big banks like this and put it into local banks or credit unions so that the money stays more in the community" Scheterlak said.

Dally said they will picket and hand out informational leaflets from noon to four on Wednesday in front of Wells Fargo on Main Street, but continue picketing throughout the next couple of weeks.

The group also holds general assemblies every week at the Bozeman Yoga Center.

To find out more about Occupy Bozeman, you can visit their website by clicking here.