BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Obama Administration is set to put over 500 young people to work on public lands this summer.

The 3.7 million dollar grant will put young adults to work in 20 projects across the country- building trails, clearing out hazardous fuels or cleaning up rivers.

Administration officials say it's a way for youth to get work experience and grow the economy while gaining a greater appreciation for the outdoors.

We spoke to some local teens who say it sounds like a great program.

"I think it's an incredible idea because it offers kids a way to get outdoors and help out the community and kind of get them away from their day to day life and expose them to the world in ways they might not have seen before," says Bozeman resident Tate Niese.

Local Anna Vanderwende says the money would be a bonus for her.

"I think that's a great idea because in Montana there's definitely a lot of things that could be fixed up."

Bozeman resident Tyler Elkins agrees.

"It sounds like a pretty good program just to be able to get out and do those certain things, especially to be paid for it, not only are you helping your community, you're just preserving everything around you and making what makes this world perfect and beautiful and keeping it that way."

One of the projects is with the Montana Conservation Corps, which will put kids to work on the Flathead, Lolo and Helena National Forests for 43 weeks of stewardship and restoration projects.