Mont. -

A report done by the University of Montana says tourism is up in Montana.

More than 10.5 million travelers visited the state in 2011.

Not only is the number of visitors up, but also the amount of money they?re spending in Montana.

Travelers spent 10 percent more than they did in 2010.

According Mary Paoli with "Voices of Montana Tourism" the majority of travelers come to visit the national parks.

Paoli also said for now higher gas prices don't look like they'll affect summer tourism.

"The general consensus that I heard from industry members is that bookings are looking great for the summer so as long as the price of fuel doesn't reach unprecedented levels, I think the prospects are looking pretty good," Paoli said.

Silver-Bow County alone raked in over $98 million from out of state tourism and pulled in five percent of the state's total visitors.

"Butte really has a fascinating history and that paired with its key location on a main thorough fair through Montana I think says a lot of the prospects on continued growth of tourism here (Butte)," Paoli said.