BIGFORK, Mont. -

A new report details the power of a deadly avalanche northeast of Bigfork. The slide happened about two weeks ago, killing 42-year old Mark Albee.

It happened in the Jewel Basin, a remote area northeast of Bigfork. Albee was skiing with his brother on a ridge south of Wildcat Lake, when a cornice broke away, sending Mark Albee tumbling about 500 feet.

According to the Glacier Country Avalanche Center, the cornice, a buildup of snow along a mountain crest, collapsed after the victim and his brother stopped to take pictures. It was around 140 feet long when it broke, sending an estimated 35 tons of snow more than 1,400 feet.

The report says the slide was powerful enough to destroy a wood-frame home. Experts say the incident shows that skiers should always use extreme caution around cornices.

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