From the occipital to the sacrum, patients at Kalispell Regional Medical Center's Neuroscience and Spine Institute will be covered for all their brain, spine, and nervous system needs.

"Being an institute now with the departments of neurology and neurosurgery has been a fantastic growth for us," said Dr. Frank Bishop, "We can really provide comprehensive are in a manner that we couldn't do before."

The center held an open house and ribbon cutting Thursday to show off their hard work. The institute's team of doctors told us what they have planned for the future of neuroscience in the Flathead Valley.

"We're involved in the development of the operating rooms that are new," Bishop continued, "As a part of that, our neurosurgery department is looking to expand locally and also to surrounding areas. I feel like we're reaching out to surrounding communities and also patients from those various areas are coming here."

Dr. Bishop reached out to Kevin Pecinovsky, who is currently recovering from spinal surgery. He says he's overjoyed to see so much talent under one roof.

"My situation doesn't allow me to really travel out of town and that's what makes me so thankful for this," said Pecinovsky, "I can either walk up or come up on a bus to this facility."

Doctors say the institute will be a positive movement for patients who would have had to travel to other larger medical centers for the same care.

"It's the fruition of a dream," said Dr. Thomas Origitano, "Senior management and board of directors here at the health system were very visionary in bringing a level of healthcare to the valley where you used to have to be sent to university centers. It's exciting to catch that vision. And how many of us actually get to live our dreams?"