It's National Flood Awareness day, and the National Flood Service of Kalispell wants Montanans to be prepared.

The NFS hosted a flood preparedness event at Snappy Sport Senter Saturday morning, where residents learned how to properly set up sandbags and how river flow could affect flood plains and cause erosion. The Army Corps of Engineers said new flood maps are being drawn up for the area. The NFS tells us that they do not expect a heavy flood season, but everyone should stay aware of river and stream levels.

"Because they don't have flood events on a regular basis [people] tend to put it out of their minds," says NFS Kalispell president Steve Harty, "And it's something worth thinking about. This is the time of year... a flood is a natural event and as we say everyone lives in a flood zone it's just a matter of when that flood is likely to occur."

The maps are still being proposed, but we'll keep you updated on the latest proposals.