Last week Montana?s Interim Law and Justice Committee held a special session regarding alleged corruption in Lake County, and the subsequent investigations. Complaints against officers in Lake County have ranged from poaching to theft of ammunition.

Senator Jim Shockley says FWP Warden Frank Bowen was asked to attend the meeting, but was not present. Shockley says he plans on signing a subpoena for Bowen next Friday, so that Bowen would be required to attend a similar session in June. Shockley says Bowen allegedly knows a lot about the allegations in Lake County.

?I?m going to sign this for Sergeant Bowen because he didn?t show up. I want to make sure he shows up next time, and I have every confidence that he will,? said Shockley.

FWP?s Law Enforcement Chief tells NBC Montana that his agency had sent Bowen?s supervisor to the meeting to represent the agency, along with a letter answering the committee?s questions.