"The ceremony you are about to witness is the Changing of the Guard" U.S. Army Major Jeff Wade said during a presentation.

Maj. Wade gave the 8th grade class at Monforton School, west of Bozeman, a special lesson to help them prepare for their trip to Washington D.C. and Arlington National Cemetary.

"I know a lot about Arlington, I know a lot about Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" Maj. Wade said.

He taught the class about the history, protocol and ceremonies pertaining to the cemetary.

Maj. Wade said the most important things for the students to remember when they're at the site is "silence and respect."

But he also showed the class the Laying of the Wreath ceremony.

The Monforton students have been selected out of schools across the country. Four students won an essay contest to walk in the event.

"It's surreal" Eighth grader Kaleb Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen is one of the four that will be walking in the ceremony. "The president does this every Memorial Day... and then you realize you're doing it and- it's crazy."

Students said, so far, they haven't been able to imagine what it'll be like.

But after Friday's presentation, they really felt what an honor- and opportunity- they have.

"I will remember this forever because it is a once in a lifetime event that not everybody gets to experience" classmate Tyler Cooper said, adding "I'm just really excited that I can."

A once in a lifetime chance- to honor our fallen soldiers, and represent the community.

"You really are representing your state, or your country, as much as you are representing your community and school" Jorgensen said. "That's cool."

The class flies to Washington D.C. in early May. The wreath-laying ceremony will happen May 2nd at 10:15 am.