Tonight over 100 Missoulians gathered to discuss ways to combat underage drinking.

Community leaders and law enforcement were at the forum, but said the night was about hearing from the public.

One of them was the mother of a young man who died in the Hillview Way crash last month.

That crash involved four young men. Two of them died, both were under the age of 21. Police say, the driver of the vehicle smelled like alcohol and told them he and his friends were on their way home from a party.

The mother of one victim says the experience has made her realize, it's up to parents to make a difference.

?What we need to focus on?is getting the parents educated on the underage drinking and what it does to their brains?and finding a way for parents to understand how important it is to get the alcohol away from these kids,? she said. O ther community members agreed, saying that kids have taken on a 'drinking culture' that what passed down from adults. They think getting adults on board is what?s important.

Organizers also discussed underage drinking statistics in the community. Missoula?s underage drinking rate is 41%....nearly twice the national average. And in 2010 Missoula law enforcement issued over 900 minor in possession citations.

Community input from the meeting will be used to further plan a community education series from the Missoula Underage Substance Abuse Prevention organization (MUSAP). They say that program will launch this fall.