A non-profit is working hard to help Missoulians.

They?re so busy on weekend evenings, the phones are ringing off the hook. People need deliveries, though it's not late night pizza they're after, it's a safe ride home.

One person answers all the calls, figures out where people need to go, and gets in touch with the drivers. It can be a hectic job, but one the creator of this business feels is important.

?We got this program going, we're going to battle this problem we have,? said Kevin Sandberg.

Kevin started out as a cab driver. He worked the night shift in Missoula for about 5 years, and realized he could do something more.

?Especially Thursday, Friday and Saturday night?people trying get home,? he said. ?I knew there was a hole there so we filled it.?

And it's a hole other communities in Montana also want to fill as well. Places like Helena and Bozeman are asking how to start their own designated driver services, but Kevin is quick to tell them it's not easy. ?It took five years to get one car on the road.?

Now that it's taken off Kevin says U Call Us is one of the most important services in Missoula. They run off of donations.

?There's no tipping the drivers, all the money goes into the foundation of you call us and then the foundation pays for the cars, the fuel, the insurance and everything else that we need.? It's a service they say can save lives. Though not without support from the community.

?We need as much donation as we can get because this is a very very expensive project we've got,? said Sandberg.

But as long as there's a need and support, they'll keep answering the calls.

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