People are walking miles and miles this month, in memory of fallen heroes.

Today, the miles were especially meaningful for a Montana family.

As the flag waved overhead, dozens of people gathered for the first ever Memory Walk in Missoula. The picture of a soldier safety pinned near the hearts of several walkers touched the participants even more.

As they walked trails and sidewalks of Missoula, they remembered what happened September 21st, 2005. "He was on patrol that day. He was the gunner and was killed in a roll over accident," Amy McGhee explains. She is speaking about the day her brother, Travis Arnt, was killed in Iraq, just 9 days before the end of his deployment.

Today, Travis' mother and sisters walked alongside dozens of people offering their support and thanks for his sacrifice and the sacrifices of thousands of other solders like him.

I was invited to join in the Memory Walk as well.

It's a nationwide effort to pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price.

Today, the group walked from McCormick Park to the Fallen Soldier Memorial on the University of Montana campus, gathering around the names of soldiers, including Travis,' to hold a moment of silence.

Amy says support like this makes a big difference. "When my brother died, we felt so lost, but when we are able to connect with other families, and see this support from other people, it really makes a big difference."

The national organization Active Heroes spearheads Memory Walks that take place across the nation in the month of May. Not only do they pay tribute to fallen soldiers, the events also raise money for military families in need.