Local Girl Scout troop leaders are still searching for ways to save Camp Westana after the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation increased their lease rate fivefold when the camp was recently appraised at half a millon dollars. A recent "town hall meeting" shed more light on possible solutions for the beloved Girl Scout camp.

Representatives from the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming told troop leaders that Westana's caretakers have a bank account with enough funds to cover their own appraisal of the camp, something that could be useful if the land is re-appraised at a lower rate.

Leaders we spoke with said they've come a long way since the council first heard about the rate increase.

"It'd be great if there were more options that let us pursue the money and that happened," said leader Angela Daenzer, "And the appraisal, the cost of the appraisal. Just having that taken care of by the time we wake up. You know, we just need to keep going in that direction because this camp has got its own magic."

Though the DNRC has extended the original lease rate until next March, the state has given the Girl Scouts until November to make a decision regarding the fate of the camp. Local leaders say they're still looking into a permanent easement or land swap as other options for Westana.