Missoula?s Mayor is asking for better communication between the University of Montana and the city, in light of recent sexual assault investigations.

Last Friday we told you that University of Montana President Royce Engstrom reported a student accused of rape appeared to have fled the country. Engstrom defended the way university officials handled the reports of sexual assault.

February 17th, officials alerted students and Missoula Police that two women had reported being sexually assaulted a week before.

Now Missoula Mayor John Engen is asking for better communication between the university and the city. Mayor Engen is asking for what he calls formal conversations, between UM Administration, Missoula Police, and himself to outline a protocol for alleged sexual assaults.

He says everyone needs to be on the same page. If the university gets a report they need to let police know immediately, and same goes for the police if they get an UM related report.

Engen says everyone is cooperating, and an outline for their communication plan is crucial.

?I believe that the university is absolutely committed to working with me, to make this communication work. We have to work together on this. We have a responsibility to work together on this. And I?m not going to rest until we figure out a way to do this better,? Engen said.

Engen hopes to have the new communication protocol outlined over the next week.

NBC Montana will keep you updated.