BUTTE, Mont. -

Leo McCarthy's 14-year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Now, roughly four and a half years later Wade Peterson is out of prison.

"He's never showed any emotion for what he did," McCarthy said.

On October 27, 2007 Mariah McCarthy and two friends were walking home along Blacktail Lane in Butte.

Peterson was driving drunk, swerved and hit Mariah and her two friends, killing Mariah and seriously injuring the other two.

Peterson was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He served just under four years for the crime.

Butte Police Sergeant Jimm Kilmer is the father of one of the girls who was hit. He believes Peterson didn't serve enough time.

"He hasn't served enough time and should have been kept in prison longer. For Pete?s sake he took a life and injured two other people," Sergeant Kilmer said.

According to Julie Thomas, with Montana's Board of Pardons and Parole, Peterson needs to complete his time in pre-release before can be released on parole.

Thomas said Peterson has been denied parole once, but agreed to complete a program recommended by the board.

Peterson completed the program and was transferred to the pre-release center in Helena on January 2 of this year.

Peterson is not allowed to use alcohol, be in a bar or allowed in Silver Bow County.

Sergeant Kilmer, the McCarthys, and several community members are trying to make a difference. Mariah's Challenge is a group dedicated to making sure what happened to Mariah doesn't happen to anyone else.

"We move forward one step at a time and sometimes it's two steps back, but we continue to fight the fight," Sergeant Kilmer said.

Peterson may be getting another shot at freedom, but the McCarthy's are stuck in another kind of prison.

"You wake up every day knowing that she's never going to get up and live her life. You live everyday she's going to never coming home. And also my wife will never be able to plan a wedding, grandkids," McCarthy said.

Thomas said once paroled, Peterson will be under enhanced supervision until his parole officer deems it no longer necessary.

Peterson will be on parole until Sept. 30, 2018.