A Missoula man faces two felony charges after he allegedly drove drunk on his motorcycle and then tried to get away from police.

Officers say 41-year-old Wayne Anthony Dolsman couldn't keep his motorcycle upright when he was trying to ride it in the south hills Friday afternoon.

Police say after Dolsman was unable to complete the field sobriety tests, he was taken to St. Patrick Hospital for a court authorized blood draw. He bolted out of the emergency department and out to the street, where he was recaptured and taken into custody.

Court records indicate this is 6th DUI.

?We have a concern that he has a completely unmanaged drug problem, and he's a hazard to people that are out on the roads,? said Deputy County Attorney Shaun Donovan.

The judge set $100,000 bail in Missoula Justice Court, Monday. She told Dolsman if he makes bail he'll have to get an alcohol monitoring bracelet or go take alcohol tests twice a day.