BOZEMAN, Mont. -

At Montana State's University Council Meeting Wednesday morning, members approved the annual security report with updated language on how to handle reports of sexual assault.

"The federal government has required all universities to do a security report. A year ago the federal government came out and asked us to clarify and to improve our internal process for investigating and reporting allegations of sexual assault. In that security report, that's what we've done and it's taken about a year to do that," said Matthew Caires, Dean of Students at MSU.

Council members also updated the school's student athlete code of conduct. School administrators say its ensure athlete are held to the same standard as all other students on campus.

"We have a student-athlete code of conduct that really defines the rules our student-athletes have on their teams and again, for years we've had a student code of conduct that applies to that behavior, all students and so we wanted to better interface between the student-athlete code of conduct and the overall student code of conduct and to really send the message that student-athletes are first and foremost students and subject to the same rules and consequences if they ever break the student code," Caires said.

Caires said the recent allegations at the University of Montana as well as near Montana State University of sexual assault have brought the policies of reporting and investigating those claims to the forefront of the university's mind.

"Right now we're paying close attention to the challenges facing the University of Montana with sexual assault and at Montana State we take reporting and adjudication of allegations of sexual assault very seriously. And we want to send that message really clear to all students if you sexually assault someone, a student or even a non-student, there will be swift and severe consequences for that," he said.