Flathead Valley Community College's logging team hosted their annual Stumpjumper Days early Saturday morning.

The team recently earned their second consecutive national title at a conclave and were determined to how their skills at this event, as well. Students from FVCC, the University of Montana, University of Idaho, Colorado State University, and Oregon State University teams competed in events such as the pole climb, axe throw, and vertical speed chop.

Team members we spoke with say it takes a lot of time and effort to perfect logging skills.

"In logger sports it's more that we're all a team because no one knows about this and we all just work together to keep it alive, keep it going," said FVCC captain Jamee Perkins, "so it's really just part of teamwork and community."

The FVCC team has hosted the event since 1972, proudly keeping the strong tradition of forestry and logging alive for nearly 40 years in the Flathead.