Kalispell police officers have beefed up patrols around a major construction project near downtown. Work is centered on Highway 2 between First Avenue West and Meridian Road. Drivers aren?t supposed to turn left from Main to Meridian, but that doesn?t stop some from trying.

Officers are still giving warnings for left turns, but on Monday, two officers gave motorists about 20 fines for offenses like not wearing a seatbelt and driving with a suspended license. About 40 drivers got warnings for left turns.

Officers say they?ll keep a close eye on the area until the work is done.

?We?ve got to remind everybody there might be a crabby old motorcycle police man standing there, watching you making an illegal left turn, so try to make it safer for the construction workers and the pedestrians and everybody,? said Sgt. Mark Mulcahy.