A Kalispell gun company has made the world?s first all-titanium assault rifle, and it?s gaining national attention. Manufacturers have made individual gun parts out of titanium, but never a full assault rifle, until now.

?It forced a reaction in the gun world whether it was good or bad. No one has ever seen a full titanium AR before,? said NEMO Arms Vice President Clint Walker.

Walker is talking about the TI One, the world?s first titanium assault rifle. Titanium is very strong, yet light. Guns and Ammo magazine is featuring the new weapon made in Kalispell.

?They approached us about featuring that weapon, to tell the story about NEMO and the weapon itself.?

NEMO has been getting some famous people talking. Controversial activist and singer Ted Nugent may feature the company in his new show called Gun Control.

?I think that we could keep him busy enough and show him enough things that are happening here, not only at NEMO Arms, but here in the Valley, as it regards to the gun industry, that it would be worthy of a full episode.?

NEMO has made only made one titanium AR. At a price of $100,000, it?s geared toward the elite gun enthusiast.

?That weapon for us was definitely a learning experience in a number of ways.?

NEMO makes several other types of weapons and Walker says the recent attention proves how innovative the company is. NEMO plans to continue growing its business in the Flathead.