Kalispell is full of signs, but many of them might make you confused.

"We always have people coming in asking for directions," said Valley Ford general manager Jim Peterson, "People that aren't comfortable driving around can't wait to leave."

That's why the Convention and Visitors Bureau asked for help to create new signs aimed at helping newcomers and residents find their way around.

"They'll be pointing to things such as our museums, the hospital, the shopping district," described Director Diane Medler, "clarifying for visitors that the sign that says 'city airport' is not 'Glacier International Airport.'"

Businesses want a sign strategy that will keep visitors coming back for more - "We all float around very comfortably in our own community," Peterson continued, "but when you come from outside the area sometimes its very difficult to find any kind of direction as to where you're headed. And from a business standpoint, we'd like to have them stay comfortable for as long as possible."

Any costs to replace the signs is covered by a $75,000 Preserve America grant from the National Park Service as well as matching funds from the Bureau and the Business Improvement District.

"A lot of groups just want to see... to increase the vitality of Kalispell," Medler concluded, "and make it a more appealing destination and increase the number of visitors to help our local businesses. So this is a great first step."

Replacing downtown signs will be the first item on the agenda once the design phase is finished. Those signs should be installed by the end of August, as per regulations in the NPS grant.