The fate of Kalispell?s 83-year old city airport will soon be in he hands of the Kalispell City Council. Council members will have a public hearing on Monday as they get ready to vote.

An engineering firm recommends upgrading the airport, expanding it and bringing it up to FAA standards with some federal funding, with the overall estimated project cost totaling more than $15 million. One local group, Quiet Skies, wants the airport moved or closed down.

One woman who lives near the airport, says she sees pros and cons on multiple sides of the issue.

?Cons are, if they do make it bigger, what kind of planes are going to come in, is one of the big issues with me, then you?re putting up with the pollution, and the noise and everything else that goes along with it,? said Veronica Seek. ?Pros, like I said, it?s been here [over] 80 years, why fight something that?s been here??

The Council is set to vote on the airport?s fate on May 21.