A confrontation over a dog at a Missoula hotel led to an alleged threat with an arsenal of weapons, and a man with a violent past.

Police arrested Michael Dell Babinski Saturday, but he failed to show up to his court date Monday. He showed up in court Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn?t easy to get him there.

When Babinski bailed out of the Missoula jail, he left the state, until he was picked up in Wallace, Idaho after another alleged standoff.

Tuesday in court, Babinski almost didn't appear in front of the judge, when jail workers say he was being uncooperative.

And that trend continued when he finally saw the judge.

?They brought me back against my will,? he told the judge. ?Sir, sir I recommend that you stick by your rights and remain silent at this time,? replied Judge John Odlin.

After Babinski quieted down, prosecutors recommended his bail be set at $100,000. They said he has no connections to the community and is a threat.

Babinski doesn?t have any prior criminal convictions, but does have protection orders keeping him away from two separate victims in Spokane, and two other unrelated ones.

The judge agreed with the recommendation, and set the $100,000 bail. If Babinski does make the bail, he'll be monitored by a GPS.