BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It's impossible to miss the orange cones and men at work on Jackrabbit Lane near Four Corners.

Jared Bryant works south of the construction on Jackrabbit but lives in Belgrade.

"It's kind of annoying...Not a big fan of it," says Bryant.

The project has become more than a little inconvenient for the people who drive or work along the busy route.

"It takes 20 minutes longer to get to work everyday," says Bryant.

Right now, construction crews are working in the southwest corner of the intersection but you'll also find them eastbound, on Hwy 84.

Drivers can expect at least one lane in each direction, restrictions on left turn lanes during working hours and delays of up to 15 minutes.

The work is not just affecting drivers.

Linda Quinn Is a manager at Mama Mac's, a sandwich shop right the thick of the current construction.

"About a 20% change right now. Breakfast slowed down a little bit, lunch slowed down a little bit in between," says Quinn.

She says, while it's tough now, the improvements, including the added center turn lane, will benefit the area in the long run.

"I would think the better it is for people to travel back and forth, the easier it's going to be and so much easier to turn in. Right now, that's a problem, it's hard to turn in. But other than that, it's going to be great," says Quinn.

Until then, she's counting on her strong customer base to keep her business going strong.