Before members of the state parole board had a chance to speak Don Nichols made his opinion known.

"Just for the record I don't think you people have got the courage to stand up to the media. Even if you weren't fascist to begin with. That's all I have to say," Nichols said.

He then abruptly walked out.

Nichols is serving 85 years for the 1984 kidnapping Olympic bi-athlete Kari Swenson and killing one of the men attempting to rescue her outside of Big Sky in southwest Montana.

Nichols and his son Dan abducted her while she was jogging and planned to make her Dan's bride.

Former Gallatin County Sheriff John Onstad recounted what happened during hearing.

"When he got a hold of Kari he chained her up and took her up a steep mountain side and when he got her where he was going he chained her to a tree. Later on he wrote well it was just a small chain. I submit to you the vehicle to take a person's liberty and freedom is not a small chain," Onstad said.

Swenson was at the hearing with her family coming face to face with her abductor for the first time in almost three decades.

She spoke to the board and said Don and his son Dan will always be a threat to society.

Robert Swenson, Kari's father, also addressed the board and said he believes Nichols is incapable of rejoining society.

"He has never accepted responsibility for what he did. Everything he has said everything he has done has been anti-social and in his mind he hates civilization," Robert Swenson said.

Nichols will remain in prison until his next parole hearing in April 2017.

According to parole board members Nichols discharge date is April 16, 2030.

He will be 99-years-old.