BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It's the time of year to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, but health officials are warning folks to watch out because it's also tick season.

Gallatin City-County Health Department officer Tim Roark said ticks are known for spreading disease.

Ticks attach themselves by hanging out in tall grass and grabbing on as people or animals walk by, he said.

They then crawl into warm areas on the body, like behind ears or in under-arms.

If you find a tick on yourself, your kid or your pet, Roark said the best remedy is to immediately remove it by grabbing it as close to your skin with tweezers, and gently pulling on the tick until it's all the way out.

"Don't panic- typically they have to stay attached for some time to actually transmit disease, so you usually have some time." he said.

There's no need to go to the doctor, he said. But ticks do carry diseases and sicknesses, from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to Lyme disease.

The best course of action, Roark said, is to keep an eye on how you're doing for 21 days. If you develop headaches, aches and pains or a rash, head to your doctor.

Roark said it is rare for someone to contract Lyme disease from a tick in Montana.

To best protect yourself, Roark suggests wearing light-colored clothing so you can easily spot ticks, tuck trousers into socks, wear insect repellent and stay away from tall grasses.

Pets can wear a tick or flea collar to stay safe.