It's the 116th anniversary of the annual Boston Marathon, and one Western Montana woman braved the unusual spring heat to run for a special cause.

Cindy Jessop ran with a Montana flag and a banner of Sherry Arnold, whom prosecutors say was kidnapped last January, while she was on her morning run and murdered.

Jessop said, she too, is a small town Montana girl who loves to run, just like Arnold was. She said she has thought about her every day since she disappeared.

"I get to go to Boston," said Jessop, "Sherry was robbed. I don't know if she ever had goals of going to Boston, but the whole running community is aware of her story. I just wanted to hear people roar for Montana and roar for Sherry Arnold's name and her memory."

Jessop's sisters carried the flag and banner as spectators, but Jessop carried it when she crossed the finish line.