BOZEMAN, Mont. -

HRDC representatives are calling their second warming center season a success, but say some changes are in order.

Representatives say they had barely enough space to accommodate all of their guests and told the Fair Board, Tuesday night, they were looking for a new venue.

They say they were able to find permanent housing for roughly one-third of their guests and say the biggest difference this year was the population they accommodated.

"The first year was largely the local, chronic homeless population. This year, it was...people in a very temporary homeless status and not used to that type of living and working towards getting back on their feet and so, again, why we were able to be so successful with helping them transition to permanent housing, as well," says HRDC's Heather Grenier.

HRDC representatives say they had a total of 94 guests this season and were able to find permanent housing for 33 of them.

On average, the warming center housed 15 guests per night.

The average stay per guest was 12 nights.

Representatives say they hope to start 10 days earlier this upcoming season, making the tentative open date November 15th.