BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Mother/daughter duo Lagena and Destini Davis are on a shopping trip.

"She wanted to get a smaller pistol to take around with us" Destini said, of what her mom wanted to buy.

"She wanted to get herself a small-caliber rifle" said Lagena, of what Destini wanted.

They're not buying clothes or shoes, but guns.

"They think it's a man's thing" Destini said, of how she feels society views gun ownership. "It's generally advertised for men."

They may feel it's a man's world at this weekend's gun show, but the pair are part of a growing trend.

"There's quite a few more women coming in and buying guns, it's actually the largest growth area in this category."

Vendors like Joanna Dawson said they've seen a huge surge in female gun customers in the past couple years.

"Our business has changed quite a bit" said Fred McDonald, owner of Wilderness Arms, a gun dealer at the show. "We've expanded our inventory (to) smaller, lightweight firearms."

McDonald said that with the rise in women buying guns, he's adapted by selling the kinds of guns they typically like to buy.

Manufacturers, he said, have also adjusted to make the industry more female-friendly.

In fact, McDonald recently started selling a revolver that comes in different colors.

"You can get pink, and teal, and purple and just about any color you want" Dawson said, of the colored guns. "It is changing, they are leaning more towards the women."

Women like the Davis' said they own guns for self-protection, but have found it's a fun sport.

"If you're a female who's comfortable with yourself and comfortable with guns and learning that kind of stuff, I think you can take control of that yourself" Lagena said, adding "I think it's only intimidating if people allow it to be."

The Bozeman Trail Promotions Gun Show is held three times a year at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. The event runs until Sunday, and will be back in July and December.